Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Poeta con Cafe Poetry Series

Poetas Con Cafe
Poetas con Cafe is a great poetry series that I've participated in for the last several years.
Here's some photos of my most recent performance on July 15th, where I was co-featured
with the great poet Prisionera. It takes place in a beautiful garden oasis in the middle of Spanish Harlem. We all had a great time plus and open mike and some special guest poets. I'm off to Puerto Rico..."film at 11".

Monday, October 17, 2005


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Cast Party at LavaGina

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My Summer Vacation: "GOD, Swap & Basquiat"

As a working writer/director/poet in NYC I look forward to August for some time off and time to write. This year was different, a fellow playwright at Teachers & Writers Collaborative (Melanie Goodreaux) asked me what play was I working on, when I told her "Apostles of the Apocalypse". She was intrigued and wondered why don't we put are plays together with Steve Canon's play "En Vogue" and do it at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. And so was born "GOD" (not the actual title but was asthetically appealing, besides it rhymed with the other titles!) "SWAP" by Melanie and "Basquiat" (actual title "En Vogue") by the great Steve Canon who runs the Gathering of the Tribes Gallery on 3rd street. The production was magical in that the talent put together was great, the writing strong and the direction professional. It also put me touch with actors who I've worked with before but haven't in a while namely Eugene Rodrguez, Joann Olivera and Tania Ochoteco. But I also got to work with Rhina Valentin who although I've known for years, I've never worked with. I also met and worked with the talented Jose Sanchez. Between the chemistry of my cast and the chemistry of the casts together we all had a blast! We even got reviews to boot! And so my summer vacation turned out to be really creative, fun and magical. With new friendships developing and promises to work with the same casts again. Hopefully you'll feel the closeness and fun we had thru the photos courtesy of the lovely and talented Tania Ochoteco. I enjoyed all of the performances and look forward to working with all of the actors again at some point in time. We also had several birthdays including Melanie's and my own.
A cast party at "Lava Gina" (Avenue C & 7th st.) with a "beach party" theme including beach chairs, umbrellas and several tons of sand, yes that's right beach "sand"! You had to be there! But it just reinforces the "true magic"
of The Nuyorican Poets Cafe (which I consider my second home).
Thanks to all involved, those who supported and who were also pleasantly surprised by the show. My next projects a short film (part of a feature) and
putting up Pedro Pietri's classic farce play "El Livingroom" at the NYRican.
Stay at 11! Late..."F"

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Picture of Me

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Hello world, just wanted to quickly post a picture from my flickr to my blogger account... have fun checking out the pictures, and look for the link that says, see my photos as a slideshow... take care..

Hello World, it's me! Frank Perez from NYC

Okay my friends welcome to my world! Hope to keep updating this so come back often... I hope that you ladies & gentlemen find my blog as fascinating as I find the world of blogging... a friend got me turned on to blogging and now we'll see how often I can keep everyone in touch with my reality...
I'm doing great.. I'm living back in "El Barrio" for those of you who don't know, East Harlem...
I'm close to "mi gente" and very connected physically, geographically and cybernetically.. Got the cable modem going on, able to do more internet research on how to blog, and how to flicker.. i hope to eventually be able to VLOG as my friend the media playa' Z wants to show me how to do later...
but in the meantime, i got this blog going on and become my flickr contact so you can see more presonal photos later on.. for now I have this slideshow for you...

Click here to see a Photo SlideShow of me performing @ Poetas Con Cafe..
This amazing photographer actually got back to me via email and sent me these great photos which I highly appreciate and loved so much they were the first that I flickr'd up to the web, for your eyes to see...

So... until the next post,
this is Frank Perez signing off...
and welcome....
ps... always feel free to comment on each post that I make, lets keep in touch...